Retirement Planning

Be in charge of your own destiny

Retirement planning is a complicated process and independent advice from specialists like Yamamoto International will ensure you get the most from your fund. We also believe that it's vital to look past standard pension plans and assess your assets as a whole. It's crucial that you make the right decisions your lifestyle requires.

Here at Yamamoto International we are totally committed to appreciating exactly what significance your money holds now and what significance it needs to hold in the future.

A balance approach to retirement planning

Pensions represent different things to different people and it's crucial that you have access to the wide range of options open to you to protect and guarantee your desired pension income. From guaranteed annuities right through to investment based annuities, there are so many choices, however we can help steer you through the options available giving you the opportunity to make the best informed choice for your individual circumstances.

Being completely independent we are able to utilize the Open Market Option to find the highest rate of pension income. If you're not looking for a guaranteed income there are a myriad of other solutions out there that may provide a higher return.

The relevant issue here is having a choice and choices rely upon knowledge: knowledge and experience of the market and its abundance of products but more significant is a true understanding of the client and your needs and goals.

How we can help

Yamamoto International is here to help you to live a more prosperous life. Whether your requirements are for wealth generation, wealth optimization or wealth preservation, our expertise and access to a range of financial management solutions will help you capitalize upon your financial potential.

Private investor services

As client and advisor we work closely together to determine your financial potential in line with your investment preferences, circumstances and financial goals. We provide access to a range of global financial solutions ranging from investment management, trust incorporation and management, tax efficient structures and long-term life and retirement planning.

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The client experience

We work closely with clients to deliver a comprehensive wealth solution that is focused on achieving client specific financial goals.

Wealth management

Combining the components that we believe are essential for optimized financial management into a comprehensive, efficient wealth structure.

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Account management

Depending on the service requirements, the level of involvement each client wishes to take, we deliver a range of discretionary and non-discretionary arrangements.

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Becoming our client

As our client you have access to our financial management expertise, supported by a dedicated team of account administrative specialists.

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