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Responsible investment is a blanket term used to describe an investment procedure which takes environmental, social, governance (ESG) or ethical concerns into account. This procedure is in addition to, or is integrated into the usual integral investment selection and management procedure. This requires the inclusion of one or more of the following proceedings in the research, selection, analysis and monitoring of an investment.

Responsible Investment Screening

In the typical investment procedure, screening is routinely used to reduce the investible world based on preferred financial benchmarks like leverage metrics and valuation ratios. With responsible investment however, comes additional screening that includes environmental, social, governance (ESG) and ethical aspects along with financial criteria.

Responsible investment screening is utilized in various ways: it can be used to select investments that are based upon corresponding performance on specific issues (such as global carbon emission criterion or government standards) or to totally exclude whole sectors or activities (such as gambling or companies that have been known to abuse human rights); it can be used across the whole section of financial products and services as well as property and infrastructure; it can be utilized either before or after the financial study has taken place; and it is generally supported by a preset procedure that is clearly outlined and transparent.

The overall performance of screened investments relies upon on both the screening methodology and the finalized portfolio plan which endeavors to minimize interaction and volatility while maximizing the portfolios diversification and risk-adjusted return capability. Negative screening is the phrase used to describe the process of exclusion or avoidance of specific investment opportunities based upon environmental, governance, social or ethical factors, while positive screening is the positive consideration of an investment opportunity founded upon these issues.

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