Portfolio Management

Globally diversified Portfolios

We are well versed on the subject of preserving wealth. Many of our clients joined us because of our way of generating positive results after they had suffered unstable market conditions, out of date investment funds and high portfolio charges.

Your wealth relies on how your money is managed today and how it will be managed in the future, since every pension fund is driven by investments Yamamoto International ensures your investment portfolio is correctly managed to deliver a true tangible benefit. That's one reason to count on us and why our Portfolio Review service is valued so highly by our clients.

Determine a unique investment profile

Determining whether a client's investment portfolio is suitable is done using our in-house process. Yamamoto International initially start the process by finding out relevant client information, including:

  • Their attitude to risk v reward
  • How deep is their understanding and knowledge of investing
  • Identifying resistance to capital loss
  • The reason they are investing
  • The period the portfolio is to be invested over

Once we have ascertained the clients needs, we can move onto evaluating whether their current investment portfolio is appropriate, by:

  • Comparing their risk profile against their current portfolio
  • Evaluating whether the current asset allocation is appropriate
  • Analyze the risk/stability/reward of existing funds to check for suitability
  • Setting benchmarks on the existing portfolio to confirm delivery of returns

Review and evaluation

The outcome of our research will allow our Portfolio Review to clearly define their current situation, any variants between their risk profile and portfolio, expected returns set out within their parameters of risk premium/reward, and where Yamamoto International believes adjustments need to be made to align the portfolio within the clients profile and expectation levels.

Simply put, Yamamoto International is there to administer the client's investments, ensuring their wealth is protected allowing them enjoy their money.

Why you should let us take care of you

Yamamoto International have a long successful history in providing exceptional investment portfolio management which advances the following:

  • Retirement planning, including private and company pensions
  • Trust and Client Investment Portfolio Management
  • Investment through a tax-efficient framework such as Investment Bonds
  • School Fees preparation

Private investor services

As client and advisor we work closely together to determine your financial potential in line with your investment preferences, circumstances and financial goals. We provide access to a range of global financial solutions ranging from investment management, trust incorporation and management, tax efficient structures and long-term life and retirement planning.

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Benefits of becoming our client

By becoming our client you gain access to a wealth of financial management resources presented by our team of experienced professionals.

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How we can help

Yamamoto International is here to help you to live a more prosperous life. Whether your requirements are for wealth generation, wealth optimization or wealth preservation, our expertise and access to a range of financial management solutions will help you capitalize upon your financial potential.


The client experience

We work closely with clients to deliver a comprehensive wealth solution that is focused on achieving client specific financial goals.

Wealth management

Combining the components that we believe are essential for optimized financial management into a comprehensive, efficient wealth structure.

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Account management

Depending on the service requirements, the level of involvement each client wishes to take, we deliver a range of discretionary and non-discretionary arrangements.

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Becoming our client

As our client you have access to our financial management expertise, supported by a dedicated team of account administrative specialists.

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